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The InstallCognos.ps1 script fails with the following error when the service account is a member of an AD group that doesn't exist.

ERROR: The Flexera Analytics install script failed: An error occurred while enumerating through a collection: An error occurred while enumerating the groups. The group could not be found.


Replication Scenario



  1. Open InstallCognos.ps1 in a text editor 
  2. Search for the string "Test-LocalAdministrator" 
  3. Comment out the following lines of code like so: 
    #if ($serviceUser -ne $null -and -not (Test-LocalAdministrator $serviceUser)) { 
    # throw "The specified service user, $serviceUser must exist and be a member of the local administrators group. The user's domain must also exist and be contactable."; 
  4. Execute InstallCognos.ps1 again

Version Fix Target



This issue is being tracked under IOJ-1913873.

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