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Users missing from search results when creating accounts in FNMS On-Premises

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Symptoms: When creating accounts in FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises, under the Accounts -> All Accounts page, the search results do not contain all of the Users that you were expecting to see. Diagnosis: When generating the results for the fly-d...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

InstallCognos.ps1 script fails if service account is a member of an AD group that doesn't exist

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Description The InstallCognos.ps1 script fails with the following error when the service account is a member of an AD group that doesn't exist. ERROR: The Flexera Analytics install script failed: An error occurred while enumerating through a collect...
by Flexera shirase Flexera

Output for 'ndschedag -e' on a managed device only shows a single 'Daily Heartbeat' event

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Problem: When running ndschedag -e on a managed device, the resulting output only shows the schedule for one event, named ‘Daily Heartbeat’. Solution: When a managed device downloads its initial policy following installation, this policy will inc...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni