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Locating agent logs

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Agent logs help Flexera’s technical support team to diagnose your issue quickly. If you’ve entered a support case, the support team may request you send over an agent log. The most common logs requested are the tracker.log, the usageagent.log, and t...
by Level 3 Flexeran malderton Level 3 Flexeran

AWS connector fails to execute due to PowerShell execution policy

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When connecting the FlexNet beacon to AWS, it will fail to execute if the PowerShell execution policy isn’t set to RemoteSigned. If the policy is set to something else, you will see the following error message in the importer log and on the System T...
by Level 7 Flexeran tjohnson1 Level 7 Flexeran

How to add a custom asset type in FlexNet Manager Suite

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Summary The following SQL statements illustrate an example of how to add a custom asset type to FlexNet Manager Suite: declare @AssetTypeResourceName nvarchar(512) = 'MyOrgAssetType.ITDevice' declare @AssetTypeName nvarchar(128) = 'IT Device' decla...
by shirase Flexera Alumni

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