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App Protal /App Broker and SCCM Deployments

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When discussing workflow layouts with customer it was brought up if they could just add users to an AD group instead of configuring a SCCM package install. Than let SCCM handle if user is in the AD group and user does not have the application, kick t...
by PBolles Flexera beginner

App Portal / Broker and SCCM Deployments

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How does App Broker initiates the Machine Policy update when an install is requested. It appears we have an issue on a very large install from a network drive is not kicking the script off to do the install at the policy update step and SCCM is not g...
by PBolles Flexera beginner

Flexible Approval

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We are going to be testing the Flexible Approval option here and need some additional information from what i can find to get it in our environment. Normally there is a subset of the application environment that will actually make the outbound call t...
by DustinMoore Flexera beginner

How do you call the App Broker Web Service through PowerShell?

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Many common tasks in App Broker can be performed by calling the Web Service API’s which are available. Common tasks include creating/configuring new catalog items, submitting/canceling requests, and approving/rejecting requests which require approval...
by Flexera CharlesW Flexera

Deinstalling software using App Broker

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What is our prescribed approach to uninstall software that may not have been installed by App Broker or SCCM? What if a User went to the WWW and downloaded some software, paid with their credit card and installed it on their desktop. When SCCM detect...
by Flexera rabrera1 Flexera

App Broker knowledge base

App Portal / App Broker Feature Matrix

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See the PDF in the Attachments section below for a feature matrix of App Portal / App Broker. The matrix lists features and the deployment technologies and ITSM systems that those features support. To view release notes, see the following: App Portal / App Broker 2019 R1 Release Notes...
by Flexera GregBirk Flexera

App Portal/App Broker Lifecycle Timeline

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Application Version General Availability End of Standard Lifecycle End of Limited Lifecycle Lifecycle as of Today App Portal 2017 2017-07-18 2020-07-18 2021-07-18 Standard Life Cycle App Portal 2016 2016-08-09 2019-08-09 2020-08-09 Standard...
by Community Manager KPBussey Community Manager

App Portal Service Account Password Change

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SummaryThis article descibes additional changes that are required after a password change is done for the App Portal Service account.SynopsisThis article describes additional changes that are required after a password change is done for the App Porta...
by Flexera saleman Flexera

App Broker blog

How to get started with App Broker

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One of the perks of having a company like Flexera that cares about its products is the wealth of useful information available for answering questions and getting started. The steps for getting started with App Broker are laid out here in a walk-thro...
by Community Manager nswedberg Community Manager