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Solved Re-enable archived catalog item

I have an archived catalog item in WD_WebPackages from 2018 that I need to bring back into being visible.  I can update the PackageVisible to 1 and INSERT INTO WD_Package_Category with the category id I need but the catalog item isn't showing in App ...

How to change "is licensable" flag?

After running a bulk import script for 1,000 catalog items in an environment that is utilizing ServiceNow as the front end, it was discovered that around 25% of them are showing the wrong state for whether or not they are licensable in ServiceNow. Lo...

Does AppPortal support sending multiple category selections for catalog items to ServiceNow via the ##Category## field in 'category' and 'ap_category'  in the ITSM?

AppPortal permits multiple categories to be selected for a singled catalog item but it appears the ITSM interface to ServiceNow only sends a single category for each catalog item.Does AppPortal support sending multiple category selections for catalog...

Solved App Portal 2023 R2 working well with SQL Server 2022 ?

Hello App Portal CustomersI am wondering if anyone installs your App Portal 2023 R2 (or R1) on the SQL Server 2022 version? Somehow officially the release note of AP 2023 R2 doesn't include the supportability of SQL Server 2022 (Link)Not sure whether...

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Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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Add user to an AAD group

I just created an Idea asking for functionality that would update an AAD group directly on Approval / Checkout.  Today, App Portal will only add to on-prem AD groups.     Please  vote it up if you think this would be helpfulExtend functionality on Se...