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FNMS Logging Reference

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Introduction The following log files and locations are used to within the FNMS product. If you see a log file that you are not expecting or are having trouble finding a log file, make sure you have considered the following key points: The Presentat...
by Flexera dcollins Flexera

Locally configured ExcludeDirectory settings for Unix-like devices gets overwritten by agent policy update, if no exclusions are specified in inventory settings in the UI

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Symptoms: Since the ExcludeDirectory value is coming from policy to be used to apply configuration locally on a machine, the agent overwrites any previous values in config.ini if it is present in the policy which overwrites custom exclusions Diag...
by Flexera JJacildo Flexera

why you cannot detect adobe DC edition recognition without the FNMS agent

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As we can see circled our issue is that the edition on this product is not being detected, it's coming up as Unspecified. This is our evidence page, as seen there is evidence for the circled records and we have information for the Name, Version a...
by Flexera dcollins Flexera