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Unable to accept unprocessed purchases

On the Unprocessed Purchases page, if you’re unable to accept a purchase because the button is disabled, this is often due to the purchase not including the maintenance plan. FlexNet Manager Suite does not include maintenance plans in purchases b...

unprocessed.png procurement.png save purchase.png recalculate.png
Graemehin by Level 5 Flexeran
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Using Chromium-based Edge with FNMS 2019

Summary While FNMS 2019 R2 and earlier do not officially support the use of Microsoft's Chromium-based Edge browser, we have not noticed any issues specific to using this browser.  Synopsis Microsoft released a new version of the Edge web browser ba...

FNMS License Reconcile failure at Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' - Error: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '' to data type int.

Description A product defect has been identified which will cause the FNMS Compliance Reconcile failed in the Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' steps.  Or  an Red error while the user is viewing "VMware Inventory" page in UI. The failure message can ...

Kevin_Hou by Flexera Alumni
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Unable to delete disabled beacon

Description When attempting to delete a beacon in disabled status in the Beacons view, a red bar error occurs.The beacon remains undeleted.   Workaround Change the beacon status before attempting to delete. Or Run the query below on the complian...