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How to Suggest Changes to the ARL SKU Library or PURL?

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Summary This article explains how to suggest changes to the ARL, SKU Library, or PURL. Question How can I suggest changes to the FlexNet Manager Suite ARL, SKU Library, or PURL? Answer Flexera welcomes requests from our customers for updates to the A...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

Output for 'ndschedag -e' on a managed device only shows a single 'Daily Heartbeat' event

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Problem: When running ndschedag -e on a managed device, the resulting output only shows the schedule for one event, named ‘Daily Heartbeat’. Solution: When a managed device downloads its initial policy following installation, this policy will inc...
by Flexera jjensen Flexera

What do the Oracle ORA-XXXXX messages relate to?

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SummaryWhen performing a Remote Execution task on an Oracle database with the etap.trace enabled you might see some ORA-XXXXX errors which can help identify exactly what the issue is.QuestionWhat do the Oracle ORA-XXXXX messages relate to?AnswerWhen ...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

FNMS Logging Reference

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Introduction The following log files and locations are used to within the FNMS product. If you see a log file that you are not expecting or are having trouble finding a log file, make sure you have considered the following key points: The Presentat...
by Flexera dcollins Flexera