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The following table details the FlexNet Manager Suite product version number that corresponds to each agent and beacon release number.

Release number Product version
22.0.x 2024 R1
21.5.x 2023 R2.5
21.4.x 2023 R2.4
21.3.x 2023 R2.3
21.2.x 2023 R2.2
21.1.x 2023 R2.1
21.0.x 2023 R2
20.5.x 2023 R1.4
20.4.x 2023 R1.3
20.3.x 2023 R1.2
20.2.x 2023 R1.1
20.1.x 2023 R1
20.0.x 2022 R2.5
19.4.x 2022 R2.4
19.3.x 2022 R2.3
19.2.x 2022 R2.2
19.1.x 2022 R2.1
19.0.x 2022 R2
18.7.x 2022 R1.7
18.6.x 2022 R1.6
18.5.x 2022 R1.5
18.4.x 2022 R1.4
18.3.x 2022 R1.3
18.2.x 2022 R1.2
18.1.x 2022 R1.1
18.0.x 2022 R1
17.4.x 2021 R1.4
17.3.x 2021 R1.3
17.2.x 2021 R1.2
17.1.x 2021 R1.1
17.0.x 2021 R1
16.5.x 2020 R2.5
16.3.x 2020 R2.3
16.2.x 2020 R2.2
16.1.x 2020 R2.1
16.0.x 2020 R2
15.2.x 2020 R1.2
15.1.x 2020 R1.1
15.0.x 2020 R1
14.3.x 2019 R2.3
14.2.x 2019 R2.2
14.1.x 2019 R2.1
14.0.x 2019 R2
13.8.x 2019 R1.6
13.7.x 2019 R1.5
13.6.x 2019 R1.4
13.5.x 2019 R1.3
13.4.x 2019 R1.2
13.3.x 2019 R1.1
13.2.x 2019 R1
13.1.x 2018 R2
13.0.x 2018 R1
12.4.x 2017 R3
12.3.x 2017 R2
12.2.x 2017 R1
12.1.x 2016 R1 SP1
12.0.x 2016 R1
11.5.x 2015 R2 SP5
11.4.x 2015 R2 SP4
11.3.x 2015 R2 SP3
11.2.x 2015 R2 SP2
11.1.x 2015 R2 SP1
11.0.x 2015 R2
10.3.x 2015
10.2.x 2014 R3
10.1.x 2014 R2
10.0.x 2014
9.23.x 9.2.3
9.2.x 9.2


The 'x' values shown here release numbers may vary depending on any installed hotfixes.

Product version and release number details appear on the FlexNet Manager Suite License page in the web UI.

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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

Very useful. Can you add the swid guids as well?

Level 2

Thank you, the only thing I'm missing here is a reference to which OS supported versions for Windows and AIX the agent can be used.

We do have for example also AIX 6.1 still active and in your 2022R2 version, this is no longer supported, but this is the only doc which is available, therefore finding what is the latest version that we could use for AIX 6.1 is difficult to find.

(I've raised also a case number 02761348 for this).

By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

@erikmathijsen - the latest agent version to support AIX 6.1 was the 2017 R2 (12.3.x) version. Release notes for that version are here:

Note that the 2017 R2 agent version reached its end of extended life in 2021, and is no longer supported. Similarly, AIX 6.1 reached its end of life in 2017 and is no longer supported either.

Level 5

A note on the most recent release, 2023 R1.2, Beacon 20.3 has known issues and was downgraded back to 20.2 in our instance.

Level 2

Can you version 20.4 as its not been added yet?

It would be good to have OS supported versions linked from here as someone else mentioned.

Level 2

How often is this list updated?  It appears to be out of date.

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