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If reconcile or other import tasks are stuck in progress for several days before timing out, or are not appearing in the System Task view, this is typically a symptom of FlexNet batch services not running correctly. Batch services rely on the connection to the FlexNet Manager Suite database, and reconcile tasks can get stuck when an interruption occurs in one or both service runs. The interruption can occur on the machine itself or due to connection issues with the FlexNet Manager Suite database if it's hosted on a separate server. Interruptions can also happen if the database goes down.

Symptoms that may indicate you have this issue are:

  • The scheduled tasks on the FlexNet Manager Suite batch server shows Import inventories and license reconcile tasks are running and completing daily but the reconcile is not running or not showing in the System Task view for several days.
  • Certain tasks like SCCM or other third-party imports show in progress but never complete, eventually timing out. Expanding the task shows the Import into Staging step is pending, but it never starts.

Clear the batch queue

Before starting/restarting the services, it is best to clear the batch queue first so that multiple reconciles aren't queued and run consecutively.

1. Log on to the FlexNet Manager Suite batch server with the service account and open an elevated command prompt (right-click on Command Prompt > select Run as administrator).

2. In the command prompt, go to the FlexNet Manager Suite installation directory:

Cd ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Flexera Software\FlexNet Manager Platform\DotNet\bin\’

NOTE: You may need to change the path if FlexNet Manager Suite is installed on a different path or drive.

3. Check if there are queued tasks by entering the following command:

BatchProcessTaskConsole list-tasks

a. If the command returns no queued tasks, please proceed to step 5.

b. If the command returns queued tasks, download and run the attached StopMultiTasksAuto.ps1 script to clear the queued tasks.

4. Run the command from step 3 again to verify that all tasks have cleared from the queue:

BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe list-tasks

NOTE: You may need to rerun the StopMultiTasksAuto.ps1 script a few times until all tasks have been cleared from the queue.

5. Once you have verified that all tasks are cleared from the queue, open Services.msc and start/restart the FlexNet Batch Processor and FlexNet Batch Scheduler services.

6. Trigger the reconcile manually from the UI or wait until the next scheduled reconcile run.

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Level 2

in my batch server, the StopMultiTasks Auto.ps1 cannot run by powershell because of permission problem. i used the "BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe fail-task" to stop each tasks and then restart the services 

By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran

You may need to temporarily set the execution policy to allow the script to run successfully.  For example, running the following command in a powershell window Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass and choosing Y to confirm the changes.

The script just automates the fail-task command against each task as sometimes there may be a large amount of tasks that needs to be cleared and it is easier than manually running the BatchProcessTaskConsole.exe fail-task -m {GUID} command against each task one by one.

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