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Getting started

Welcome to Flexera. Let’s get you started.

All new customers should take the Working with the Flexera Community course. This course will take you through each of the resources available to ensure you have a smooth start to your Flexera journey.

The Working with the Flexera Community course is open to all users and will walk you through registering with our community.

Once you’re registered, you can log in to access other Flexera courses.


Here are the next best steps you can take to ensure your success

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Complete the Working with the Flexera Community course and register for the community.

Image 2

Register for training for your product(s) in the Flexera Learning Center.

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Check out Flexera’s product documentation. Choose your product to see the resources available.

Need to access your Flexera solution?

See Accessing Your Flexera Products for instructions on how to access.