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Issue upgrading to 5.5.75

Summary We have identified an issue with patching to version 5.5.75 due to an issue not fully resolved in 5.5.74 Symptoms There will be issues when applying the patch, meaning that it will not successfully apply, you will see an error message in the ...

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Private catalog mapping to Technopedia

The user console guide documentation states that a Technopedia mapping can be created and linked to Technopedia based on unmatched data.  Is this documentation still valid?  I don't see these options in my environment even though we have the private ...

Support for Excel extractor in Data Platform

The 5.5.66 Data Platform patch release includes an Excel extractor that can extract data from a predefined input spreadsheet and convert it into a BDNA consumable zip file.  Use the attached spreadsheet to add your raw data, following these rules: Do...

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How to run XSF scan files in Normalize

Title: How to run XSF scan files in Normalize and view the Normalized dataIntroduction: To do this you will need the scan file in an input folder on your machine and as a minimum you will need an 'Exceptions' folderInstructions:• From the Admin Conso...

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djudge by Level 4 Flexeran
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Solved Tier 3 publisher with < 20 installs

If a Tier 3 publisher has less than 20 installs it won't be mapped in Data Platform based on the link here:Normalize Gap-fill Resolution Goals (Applies to the following Flexera solutions: Data Platform, Flexera One IT Visibility.)However, if there is...

Users being unable to view Public reports

Hello! I'm having issues with users being able to access public reports. All these users (even my test account) are all added as a "User Console Viewer". What I find odd is that these users (and my test account) can see public reports created by BDNA...

Data Platform Site and Binding info?

Is there any information on Data Platform IIS site and binding information? I didn't see really any information on the config/installation guide about these and after setting up the data platform admin console I don't see any sites in IIS other than ...

How to acquire Discovered Data

Run the following query in BDNA_PUBLISH database Select * from MATCH_HOST_SW_PROD where HOSTNAME = ‘’ and DISCOVERED_NAME like ‘%software name%’ Replace software name with the name of the software being looked for and fill in the hostname Export res...

DJudge2 by Level 3 Flexeran
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