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Technopedia update

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How long does it take for Technopedia to be updated when a company announces a security advisory? For example Cisco announced a critical Flaw in Elastic Services controller yesterday (CVE-2019-1804). When will it be in the Technopedia?
by jeff_lutz Flexera beginner

Analyzer Report field for current version

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Is there a field available in Analyzer that we can use to compare the current version of our Software to the latest version of Software as indicated by the vendor?
by kkribs Flexera beginner

How is deduping done in Flexera Data Platfrom ?

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Question 1: We have two different data sources picking up the same machine, how does deduping logic apply there? Question 2: If there are duplicate assets within the same data source, how does deduping logic apply there ?
by narayanan_naga12 Pilgrim

Data Platform knowledge base

Mashup fields in SCCM do not appear in Flexera Data Platform

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Symptoms: When normalizing a data Mashup using a SCCM database, the process completes successfully but the mashup fields do not appear in Flexera Data Platform Analyze Report. Solution: Mashup normalize process works fine with .zip or .csv data s...
by Flexera gliu Flexera

Connect attempt to BDNA Data Platform service failed

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While running the user console config wizard , on the "Connect to BDNA Data Platform" screen the error message received is : Connect attempt to BDNA Data Platform service failed Things to check: 1. Ensure your data platform and user console server c...
by Flexera blalvani Flexera

Security Credentials Storage and Encryption in Data Platform

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Summary This article discusses common questions in relation to where on the Data Platform servers are account credentials (i.e. user, password and server details) held or stored for connections to existing data sources and how they're encrypted. Q...
by Flexera aalfonso Flexera

Data Platform blog

How to get started with Data Platform

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Working with clean asset data is key to getting a complete picture of all your software and hardware. Data Platform is the powerful tool for that job. If you’re starting out with it, you might need some direction on where and how to begin. You’ll fi...
by Community Manager nswedberg Community Manager