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An issue can occur after setting up a new license server in the web UI, or updating the license file, in which FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications can’t see the options file. When this occurs, you may be unable to rotate report logs on a schedule.

A symptom of this issue can be found in the agent debug logs. In the agent debug logs, the only message visible regarding the options file shows that no options file was found. However, the options file is configured in the license file correctly.

The options file may not be visible due to the VENDOR/DAEMON string configuration. If a port is specified before the options file variable, the options file path will not be read correctly. See the example below. In this example, PORT=1234 is before the OPTIONS file path.

VENDOR Flexera C:\Program Files\Flexera\lmgrd.exe PORT=1234 OPTIONS=C:\Program Files\Flexera\Flexera.opt

Modify the VENDOR/DAEMON string

To correct this, follow the steps below to modify the VENDOR/DAEMON string.

  1. Navigate to your license server/vendor directory and open your license file in a text editor like Windows Notepad.
  1. Update the VENDOR/DAEMON string so the PORT= variable is at the end of the configuration. See an example below:

VENDOR Flexera C:\Program Files\Flexera\lmgrd.exe OPTIONS=C:\Program Files\Flexera\Flexera.opt PORT=1234

  1. The license files will require re-reading after updating.

Once updated, the options file should be read correctly, and log rotations can be scheduled for the affected vendor.

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