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ARL import may fail in an environment where TLS 1.0 is disabled.

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Symptoms: ARL import (mgsimportrecognition.exe) may fail with the following error: The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm Diagnosis: Several versions of .NET framework need additional treatments in...
by Flexera shirase Flexera

When Cloning a View/Report the Filters Are Lost

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SummaryThis article discusses the known bug where filters disappear after copying/duplicating a report.SymptomsThe filters that have been set in the first creation of a custom report, disappear when the report is duplicated.Steps To Reproduce1. Creat...
by Flexera amann Flexera

ServiceNow exports failing due to incompatible TLS versions

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Symptoms: When running a ServiceNow export from FNMS to ServiceNow, you may encounter one or more errors related to connection or secure channel errors such as: ServiceNowConnectionTest.SendTestConnection: Error Checking Connetion to endpoint: api/...
by Flexera ccrawford Flexera

LDAP command used when the beacon runs an active directory import

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SynopsisThe FNMS beacon calls ActiveDirectoryImport.exe which uses a Windows system API for querying AD. It first obtains a list of all the organizational units (OU). The specific search for each OU to obtain users is then:( &(objectCategory=person)(...
by Flexera pikeda Flexera