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August SAM Best Practices Webinar: Reporting in ITAM: Web, Cognos, Dashboards customization, next steps... (August 4th 10:00 AM US Central)

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The best Software Asset Management process is pointless if it does not sit on meaningful and actionable data. The August SAM Best practice Webinar one hour recorded session will guide you through the various reporting capabilities you have in Flexera...
by Level 8 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 8 Flexeran

July SAM Best Practices Webinar: Management of containers (inventory, license compliance) (July 7th 10:00 AM US Central)

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Virtualization keeps evolving to offer more flexibility to IT organizations in their use of infrastructures and applications. Container currently have great traction and offer a real time approach for instantiating images and running them on demand. ...
by Level 8 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 8 Flexeran

Recording and Presentation of the June SAM Best Practices Webinar (Integrating ITAM / FlexNet Manager on Premise with a CMDB) are available!

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The recording of the "Customizing Flexera One ITAM & FlexNet Manager on premise" May SAM Best Practice Webinar is available here: Here are are the main sections: 00:00 Kick Off & Agenda 02:33 Pointers for ...
by Level 8 Flexeran nrousseau1 Level 8 Flexeran