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Activity in Flexera One

Absolute beginner question

I am looking into changing careers and go into packaging and other Flexera certifications. The trial version which I could even get a response about is for 21 days, which I doubt is enough  to learn such a complex suite. What would be the best course...

Sign In to M365 Domain vs Last Activity

Hi,Do you know why the date in the "Sign In to M365 Domain" column of the Microsoft 365 Users report might be different from the "Last Activity"?In Flexera's documentation I have read that "Sign In to M365 Domain" displays a timestamp for the last ti...

Deferred Status

Hello,Does anyone know why installed applications with a status of deferred fail to show in the report called Licenses Compliance & Unlicensed Product Risks? According to the online guide, the status of deferred is used for administrative convenience...

Installed Applications.png Licenses Compliance.png
RWG2022 by Level 6
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Targeted Inventory Agent Auto-Update capabilities

My organization has plans to deploy inventory agents to its on-prem and cloud servers. One of the issues that we get from internal server owners is that they have to actively manage all agents that are installed on the VMs/Servers. It's also worth me...

Custom Dashboards in Flexera One ITAM

Hello,Does anyone have any experience with creating custom dashboards? If so, what are your opinions? We have a vast requirement to be able to create custom dashboards based on any pieces of data in Flexera to display what is important to us. The cur...

RWG2022 by Level 6
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Oracle GLAS Evidence Reports

Is there any documentation of a breakdown of how to interpret the Oracle GLAS evidence report, in particular the ORCL OPTIONS report?  It lacks column headers.

Duplicate inventory devices from Azure in Flexera One

We've started using Virtual Citrix desktops in Azure which is creating issues with duplicate inventory devices. Looks like this is happens every time a VM is restarted it keeps the same inventory device name but gets a different serial number and/or ...