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Oracle Java Worksheet timeout

A colleague and myself have been trying to run the Oracle Java Worksheet report without success.  The report sits with the processing dots for 20 minutes before timing out.  We have a medium sized estate so I tried limiting the report using a locatio...

Solved Flexera Kubernetes Agent - Docker File (Creation)

We are in the onboarding stages for deploying the Flexera Kubernetes Agent in our AKS environment.  Before we can publish the docker image (flexera-krm-x.y.z.tar) into our internal registry (ACR), our Platform DevOps Team has insisted that we create ...

davidle by Level 7
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Best Use for Normalization in CMDB

We have implemented Flexera IT Visibility to push normalized data to our ServiceNow CMDB out of the box tables. However, we are finding that though it creates new normalized records with Lifecycle data, it is not linking the CI assets to their respec...

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