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Map virtual desktop templates to devices

A virtual desktop template is a method to track software access details in a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment. It’s a catalog of software applications that specifies which user groups can access the applications. The Virtual Desktop ...

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View ARL application sources

The Application Recognition Library (ARL) contents are available in the FlexNet Manager Suite UI from the All Applications page. The Source column details the application's origin: Flexera, local, or Flexera (extended). Flexera — These applications...

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Flexera’s content libraries

Flexera’s content libraries consist of three data sets that populate your FlexNet Manager Suite or Flexera One environment. These libraries are the Application Recognition Library (ARL), the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) library, and the Product Use Righ...

Compliance reader verbose logging

You can create a verbose compliance reader log if you need more information to determine the cause of a data import issue for a particular import. Follow the steps below to create a verbose compliance reader log for a specific import. On the server w...

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What is TOAD Evidence?

The FlexNet inventory agent collects evidence of installed applications on a machine and generates an inventory file, known as an .ndi file. In the .ndi file, there may be evidence with the evidence type "TOAD", as shown below. <Package Name="Toad f...

How to Deploy Agent Hotfixes (on Prem)

Summary Sometimes you may be asked to push out a newer version of your agent, compared to that of your actual Manager Suite version. For example, there is a Vulnerability with agent versions pre 2021 R1. https://community.flexera.com/t5/FlexNet-Man...

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Using Client Certificate Mapping Authentication in IIS for mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication of computers running the FlexNet inventory agent

Summary Mutual TLS (mTLS) authentication with certificates configured on beacons and inventory device computers running the FlexNet inventory agent can be used help ensure a level of trust between beacons and inventory devices. This article describe...

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Manipulating BatchProcess Tasks

  There may be times when you need to kill a long running Batch Processor Task as it may be blocking subsequent tasks. You can do this using the BatchProcessTaskConsole, which can be found on the Batch Processor server in C:\Program Files (x86)\Flex...

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