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How to add a custom asset type in FlexNet Manager Suite

How to add a custom asset type in FlexNet Manager Suite


The following SQL statements illustrate an example of how to add a custom asset type to FlexNet Manager Suite:


declare @AssetTypeResourceName nvarchar(512) = 'MyOrgAssetType.ITDevice'
declare @AssetTypeName nvarchar(128) = 'IT Device'
declare @ManagedType bit = 0
declare @BitwiseValue int
select @BitwiseValue = 2 * MAX(bitwisevalue) from AssetType

exec dbo.ComplianceTranslationPutByResourceStringCultureTypeResourceValue @AssetTypeResourceName, 'en-US', @AssetTypeName

insert into AssetType(AssetTypeResourceName, AssetTypeName,ManagedType, BitwiseValue) 
values (@AssetTypeResourceName, @AssetTypeName, @ManagedType,  @BitwiseValue)


Additional information

Refer the System Reference for additional information about adding custom asset types (and other types of data model customizations): Adding a Custom Asset Type.

Note that custom asset types cannot be added to Flexera One ITAM organizations. If this capability would be of interest to you, please vote for the following Idea: ITAM-I-153: Custom status and type for asset and contract.

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I've added an asset the way shown above. When I add this kind of asset,

the asset type = "[1.002]" with the remark "Please select a value for Asset type."

Did I miss some extra configuration?

@mbouwman - the example SQL script that was in this article looks like it was a bit out of date for current FlexNet Manager Suite versions. The example has now been updated, and I think should work better for you.

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