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'Synchronize assigned user with calculated user' is not working

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SummaryIn the FNMS Inventory settings, you have selected the 'Synchronize assigned user with calculated user' option, but this is not working after the Compliance ImportSymptomsIn the FNMS Inventory settings, you have selected the 'Synchronize assign...
by jstyles Pilgrim

FlexNet Manager Suite database maintenance and performance guide

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SummaryProvides you with some guidelines to assist in maintaining the performance of your FlexNet Manager Suite product.SynopsisFlexNet Manager Suite is designed and built according to best practices with regards to performance and self-maintenance, ...
by Flexera dswann Flexera

VMware Stand-alone Inventory Agent for FlexNet Manager Suite

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Summary For secure environments (for example, VMware servers secured by firewalls), Flexera offers a stand-alone VMware inventory collection agent that can be installed on a Windows server. This article explains what you need to know and do to use it...
by Flexera ebushby Flexera

How to override Oracle LMS data within FlexNet Manager Suite

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Summary FlexNet Manager Suite contains data about Oracle installations. Some of this data can be extracted and provided to people from Oracle License Management Services (Oracle LMS), who can analyse that data for you to assist with the status of you...
by Flexera ebushby Flexera