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Error during upgradedb for 15.8 reporting server

Error during upgradedb for 15.8 reporting server


Error during upgradedb for 15.8 reporting server


While running the upgradedb for reporting server following error is observed in the upgradedb.log

2018-11-28 15:54:22,524 Starting actions going from remotereporting version to 15.8.0
2018-11-28 15:54:22,529 UPDATE PLT_MODULE SET VERSION = '15.8.0' WHERE NAME = 'remotereporting' executed successfully.
2018-11-28 15:54:22,540 ERROR: Error execution: DELETE FROM PLT_MODULE WHERE NAME = 'products'
2018-11-28 15:54:22,540 ERROR: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (FLEXNETREPORTING.FK296D3A9649FE8C43) violated - child record found

The update script exited with code 0.


The issue here is that for older version of FNMEA we had additional products module which is not required for newer release of FNMEA that is why the upgrade script tries to remove the pertaining row for that module in the table PLT_MODULE, however the table schema constraints for table PLT_MODULE was not updated appropriately so that this row could be deleted. Therefore, you see an error in the upgradedb.log. However, this error has no effect on functionality.


The is an cosmetic issue which does not affect the functionality of the product. This issue was submitted to, reviewed by, and accepted by our Engineering Team as a valid bug for tracking under the Work Order with Issue #IOJ-1901706.
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