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What is "Uninstall" evidence?

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SummaryThis article explains what "Uninstall" evidence is and how it is detected.SynopsisApplications that have ?Uninstall? evidence type are detected from the ?Uninstall? registry key under Windows (what populates "add/remove programs"), but they a...
by Flexera shirase Flexera

LDAP command used when the beacon runs an active directory import

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SynopsisThe FNMS beacon calls ActiveDirectoryImport.exe which uses a Windows system API for querying AD. It first obtains a list of all the organizational units (OU). The specific search for each OU to obtain users is then:( &(objectCategory=person)(...
by Flexera pikeda Flexera

How to import larger inventory files

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SummaryThis article covers how to change the default upload size limit if your ndi files have become too large to be uploaded from the beacon to the core FlexNet Manager Platform server.SynopsisThis article covers how to change the default upload siz...
by cingham Wanderer