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Script to create an Oracle user with the access required for Oracle Database inventory collection

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Summary This article describes the procedure to use the Flexera Software-provided script to create an Oracle user for Oracle database inventory collection. Synopsis Although Flexera Software recommends inventory collection through Flexera inventory c...
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What is "Uninstall" evidence?

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Summary This article explains what "Uninstall" evidence is and how it's detected. Synopsis Applications that have "Uninstall" evidence type are detected from the "Uninstall" registry keys under Windows (what populates "add/remove programs"), but they...
by Flexera shirase Flexera

ARL import fails with SSL error

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Summary This article explains how to resolve the issue of error when importing ARL library. Synopsis ARL import may with the following error.ManageSoft.Compliance.Logic.Core.API.ImportRecognitionDownloadException: Failed to download the file 'http://www.managesoft.com/support/Compliance/RecognitionAfter82.cab...
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