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Active notification of contract review by email

Active notification of contract review by email


Active notification of contract review or expiry by email


A feature to notify a license manager about contracts which are subject for a review.

An active notification by sending an email to the responsible manager would be useful so the dashboard does not need to be monitored repeatedly.


The following enhancement (FNMS-22218) has been submitted: to have email notifications added when a contract is reaching its expiry date. This is currently scheduled for review.

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Hi Forum,

Anyupdate on the above identified enhancement and is it in the roadmap?



Hello Flexera team,


When will this feature or enhancement request be implemented?

We have a used case on our end waiting for the same.


thank you

vivek balivada



Hi Team,

any update on this feature enhancement?

@winvarma - I'm not aware of any specific activity planned in the near term related to this. You may wish to add a comment about specifically what capability you would like to see and add your vote to the following Idea to express your interest: FNMS-I-32

It depends on the circumstances and the nature of the contract. Most of the time the question will be answered by the terms of the contract itself.
There can be circumstances where, because of a pattern of conduct between the parties, an email might be taken to be valid despite the terms of the contract. Invariably however, the terms of your contract will always be the best place to start.

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