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License terms exceeded error

FlexNet Manager Suite can manage a certain number of inventory devices based on the terms of your FlexNet Manager Suite license. If you import more inventory devices than your FlexNet Manager Suite license will allow, you'll have a 30-day grace peri...

License Terms Exceeded Error - outlined.png Your FlexNet Manager Suite License - Outlined.png Active Inventory-outlined.png
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Disable a Discovery and Inventory rule

Discovery and Inventory rules allow you to initiate the remote discovery and inventory collection process in FlexNet Manager Suite. Once created, these rules run on a schedule from an inventory Beacon. If you need to pause a Discovery and Inventory w...

2 - Edit Button.png rules.png saveas.png steps.png
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How to enable Beacon Reverse Proxy Setup

When setting up the Beacon its possible to route it through a reverse proxy, in the image above this is explained, The agents only have network availability to the reverse proxy server (Davecorp) However the agents will instead try and target the b...

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Map virtual desktop templates to devices

A virtual desktop template is a method to track software access details in a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) environment. It’s a catalog of software applications that specifies which user groups can access the applications. The Virtual Desktop ...

virtual desktop templates.png

View ARL application sources

The Application Recognition Library (ARL) contents are available in the FlexNet Manager Suite UI from the All Applications page. The Source column details the application's origin: Flexera, local, or Flexera (extended). Flexera — These applications...

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Flexera’s content libraries

Flexera’s content libraries consist of three data sets that populate your FlexNet Manager Suite or Flexera One environment. These libraries are the Application Recognition Library (ARL), the Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) library, and the Product Use Righ...

Locating agent logs

Agent logs help Flexera’s technical support team to diagnose your issue quickly. If you’ve entered a support case, the support team may request you send over an agent log. The most common logs requested are the tracker.log, the usageagent.log, and t...

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vCenter scan fails with MgsIPScan error

When performing vCenter discovery, the MgsIPScan error can occur on beacon versions 17.0 and previous if you’re using an outdated version of NpCap. When the MgsIpScan error occurs The .err file on the beacon will show: dnet: Failed to open device et...

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What is TOAD Evidence?

The FlexNet inventory agent collects evidence of installed applications on a machine and generates an inventory file, known as an .ndi file. In the .ndi file, there may be evidence with the evidence type "TOAD", as shown below. <Package Name="Toad f...