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FlexNet Manager Suite can manage a certain number of inventory devices based on the terms of your FlexNet Manager Suite license. If you import more inventory devices than your FlexNet Manager Suite license will allow, you'll have a 30-day grace period to address the overuse or update your license terms before FlexNet Manager Suite limits functionality. 

When over-usage occurs, a red error message appears at the top of the FlexNet Manager Suite UI with the text "License terms exceeded. Functionality will be disabled in x day(s) unless you fix this problem."


License Terms Exceeded Error - outlined.png


Check your current license position

You can check the number of active devices and servers in your FlexNet Manager Suite environment by going to System Menu >
 FlexNet Manager Suite License

Your FlexNet Manager Suite License - Outlined.png


NOTE: The Your FlexNet Manager Suite License page is available to FlexNet Manager Suite operators with the out-of-the-box Administrator or Operator role.

Resolve the license terms exceeded error

You can resolve this error in one of two ways: by removing inventory devices that you no longer need in FlexNet Manager Suite or by contacting Flexera and increasing the terms of your FlexNet Manager Suite license.  

Remove unneeded inventory devices

You can remove inventory devices from FlexNet Manager Suite using the following steps: 

  1. Navigate to Active Inventory.
  2. Select the inventory devices that you want to remove.
  3. Remove the inventory device by: 
    1. Select the Delete button. This option will delete the record of the inventory device from FlexNet Manager Suite. 
    2. Select the Ignore button. This option will mark the inventory device as ignored. Ignored inventory devices will not consume licenses in FlexNet Manager Suite. 
Active Inventory-outlined.png


NOTE: If an inventory device that you are trying to remove is linked to an asset, the asset must be marked as Disposed or Retired. Doing this will update the inventory device status to Ignored.

IMPORTANT: If any inventory source collects updated inventory from an inventory device that has been deleted, the inventory device record will be recreated and marked as active. This inventory device will then consume an entitlement from your FlexNet Manager Suite license. Note that devices manually set to Ignored status will not automatically change to active even if new inventory comes in.


Increase the terms of your license

The other option to resolve the license terms exceeded error is to increase the terms of your FlexNet Manager Suite license.  Contact our sales team or your Flexera account manager to increase your terms. 

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