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This article describes what "IA" evidence is, and how to locate this evidence type on a machine.


FlexNet Inventory Agent collects evidence of installed applications on a machine and generates an inventory .ndi file. In the .ndi file, there may be evidence that has an "Evidence" type of "IA" as depicted below.


<Package Name="IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture Replication Engine Update (Sybase)" Evidence="IA" Version="" InstallDate="20140313T122900">
    <Property Name="InstallLocation" Value="/CDC/ReplicationEngineforSybase"/>
    <Property Name="Publisher" Value="IBM Corporation"/>



"IA" evidence is captured from an InstallAnywhere registry file on the machine. This registry file can is created by application installers that are made with InstallAnywhere. The “IA” registry file is named ".com.zerog.registry.xml", and can be found in the following default locations.

On Unix based systems:
The location of this file will differ depending on the user that installed the application

  • For root users- "/var"  
  • For non-root users- The home directory of the non-root user that installed the application

On Mac OS X Systems:

On Windows Systems:
"C:\Program Files\Zero G Registry" or under "C:\Program Files (x86)\Zero G Registry".

Additional Information:  

You can find more information about “IA” evidence in the FlexNet Manager Suite or Flexera One Online help:

FlexNet Manager Suite online help:

Flexera One online help:

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