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When SQL Server is used as the back-end, an INT data type is used for the EVENT_TIME_OFFSET and LINKED_EVENT_TIMEOFFSET columns in the three event tables (RPT_USAGE_LIC_EVENT_153, RPT_USAGE_LIC_DEVENT_153, RPT_USAGE_NOLIC_EVENT_153).
But with PostgreSQL FNMEA is using a "smallint" data type for these columns, and customer have usage data which is overflowing this smaller data type in all three tables(RPT_USAGE_LIC_EVENT_153, RPT_USAGE_LIC_DEVENT_153, RPT_USAGE_NOLIC_EVENT_153).

Error in Reporting flexnet.log:

2020-10-28 21:38:47,312 DEBUG [reporting.rdloader] [default task-56] DBTABLE SQLERROR TRY #1 , Batch entry 70,348 insert into RPT_USAGE_LIC_EVENT_153(CLIENT_DISPLAY ,CLIENT_FLEX_VERSION, CLIENT_PLATFORM, CLIENT_PROJECT, FEATURE_NAME, FEATURE_VERSION, USER_NAME, USER_HOSTNAME, USER_IPADDR, USER_GROUPS, HOST_GROUPS, CATALOG_SECTION_ID, EVENT_ID, EVENT_TIME, EVENT_TIME_OFFSET, LINKED_EVENT_TIME, LINKED_EVENT_TIME_OFFSET, LINKED_EVENT_SYNTHESIZED, SYNTHESIZED, PROCESS_ID, LIC_COUNT, HANDLE, SHARED_HANDLE, SHARED_GROUP, REASON_ID, PRODUCT_VERSION, VENDOR_DEF, FEATURE_ID, BORROW_FLAGS, BORROW_DURATION) VALUES ('', '"gajohnso"', 'x64_lsb', 'XPG', 'VHDL-Event-Sim', '2020.03', 'gcastel', 'scc018075', '', NULL, NULL, 78, 4, 1601596805, 4866, 1601596800, -32769, 4, 1, 11600, 1, 5422758, NULL, NULL, 3, '2014.06', 'snps_checkout_1601501618', 6, NULL, NULL) was aborted: ERROR: smallint out of range Call getNextException to see other errors in the batch.


Attached the hotfix for FNMEA 2020R1. 

The hotfix must be configured on reporting server. No changes needs to be applied on databases.
No changes are required on the Flexera Analytics server.

1) Stop reporting sever.
2) Copy the custom folder packaged in the hotfix into the install location of reporting server.
3) Run the command "flexnet site make" on reporting server. Make sure that this completes successfully.
4) Bring up reporting server.
5) Log in to FNMEA

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