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Does FlexNet Inventory Agent support IBM Z Mainframe?

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SummaryThis article discusses the current support status around the IBM Z Mainframe.QuestionDoes the FlexNet Inventory Agent support the following IBM Z Mainframe systems? z/OS V2.xLinux on Zz/VMRed Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x for System ZRed Hat Enterp...
by rdejesus Wanderer

How to Suggest Changes to the ARL SKU Library or PURL?

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Summary This article explains how to suggest changes to the ARL, SKU Library, or PURL. Question How can I suggest changes to the FlexNet Manager Suite ARL, SKU Library, or PURL? Answer Flexera Software welcomes requests from our customers for updates...
by acurry Flexera Alumni (Retired)

Beacon fails to upload large inventory files

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SummaryBeacon fails to upload large inventory files to the application serverQuestionThe scheduled task is called "Upload Flexera logs and inventories" is failing every time it encounters a particularly large NDI file. If fails on the larger file (30...
by dganurao Wanderer