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A Discovery and inventory rule scheduled task staying in a state of ‘in progress’ in a multiple beacon configuration

There are 2 known issues related to this:

Issue 1: Targeting over different subnets

This issue stems from the way the batch service works, in that it sends the request to all beacons. This then waits for all beacons to reply as completed.


In this scenario there can be an issue where Beacon 1 has reported completed, however beacons 2 & 3 don’t have anything to scan because of beacon rules. This leaves the task as in progress as there is nothing to report back on.

Issue 2: Targeting over different time zones



In this scenario, Time zone 2 and 3 will report as completed, however beacons 1 will stay in progress until they have completed. This is because it will have to wait 8 hours before it starts the task, so it will stay in progress until that time comes around.

Work around

For issue 1, there currently isn’t a conventional work around for this problem, the only thing you can check is each beacon to see if at least one has completed.

For issue 2, the only work around in place is to change the beacons to all have the same timezone as the batch server. This will mean that all the tasks complete at the same time.

We are currently working on creating a new approach to this, so we can alter how the beacons are targeted and scheduled.

Related information

See the following known issue article which is related to the above discussion: System Tasks may not show the most recent run for all beacons from different time zones (IOJ-1904459)

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