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How to Troubleshoot WebUI Red Bar Errors using the WebUI.log

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Summary Troubleshooting WebUI Red Bar Errors/Exceptions like: "An error has occurred on this page; you may need to refresh the page. Error ID:" Synopsis Red Bar errors like below are caused by unexpected data the WebUI receives from the database, whi...
by asbeta Wanderer

FlexNet Beacon Vulnerability Update IOJ-2184010

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Executive Summary A vulnerability has been identified that potentially allows, in some circumstances, path traversal to restricted directories on FlexNet Beacon 2020 R2.2 and earlier if anonymous authentication is configured on the FlexNet Beacon. E...
by Flexera AamerSharif Flexera

Users missing from search results when creating accounts in FNMS On-Premises

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Symptoms: When creating accounts in FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises, under the Accounts -> All Accounts page, the search results do not contain all of the Users that you were expecting to see. Diagnosis: When generating the results for the fly-d...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

FNMS License Reconcile failure at Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' - Error: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '' to data type int.

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Description A product defect has been identified which will cause the FNMS Compliance Reconcile failed in the Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' steps. Or an Red error while the user is viewing "VMware Inventory" page in UI. The failure message can ...
by Kevin_Hou Flexera Alumni