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AWS connector fails to execute due to PowerShell execution policy

1 0 198
When connecting the FlexNet beacon to AWS, it will fail to execute if the PowerShell execution policy isn’t set to RemoteSigned. If the policy is set to something else, you will see the following error message in the importer log and on the System T...
by Level 7 Flexeran tjohnson1 Level 7 Flexeran

SAP recommendations not available in Admin module

3 0 222
If the import button is not available for SAP recommendations in the SAP Admin module after you've accepted and released the recommendations, there may be a missing application on the beacon with the SAP environment. Follow the steps below to deter...
by Level 3 Flexeran Graemehin Level 3 Flexeran

FlexNet Inventory Agent and Inventory Beacon Vulnerability Update IOJ-2210678

8 0 4413
FlexNet Inventory Agent and Inventory Beacon Vulnerability Update IOJ-2210678 Executive Summary A potential vulnerability exists in FlexNet inventory agent and inventory beacon versions 2020 R2.5 and earlier installations on Microsoft Windows. The v...
by Level 8 Flexeran AamerSharif Level 8 Flexeran

Users missing from search results when creating accounts in FNMS On-Premises

3 4 1819
Symptoms: When creating accounts in FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises, under the Accounts -> All Accounts page, the search results do not contain all of the Users that you were expecting to see. Diagnosis: When generating the results for the fly-d...
by jjensen Flexera Alumni

FNMS License Reconcile failure at Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' - Error: Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '' to data type int.

5 1 1445
Description A product defect has been identified which will cause the FNMS Compliance Reconcile failed in the Writer 'InstalledSoftwareAlerts' steps. Or an Red error while the user is viewing "VMware Inventory" page in UI. The failure message can ...
by Kevin_Hou Flexera Alumni

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