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Is there any way to find what are the list of software which are partially removed or removed (inappropriately) and the Windows registry key still remains in the system

we identified that we have two installer evidence sources being brought into Flexera One.We have one from the Agent and another from SCCM. The agent is bringing in MSI data (MSI — evidence left in the registry by Microsoft Installer on Windows.) and ...

bvikas by Level 2
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VMs missing hosts and licenses not showing consumption

I have discovered that there isn't a connection to the Vcenter. As a result there isn't any host information and missing consumption information. I am working on getting a connection established. I have been asked to explain the need for the connecti...

Solved How to Bypass Agent connection through Proxy Server

We have installed Flexera on the On-premises network and trying to deploy its agents on Oracle cloud VM instances. On Oracle cloud, we have 2 regions one is the primary region and the other is Secondary for disaster recovery. On the primary region, w...

Solved Another Consumption Dilemma!

How can I convince a customer that an application is in fact NOT installed?  I've pulled evidence files which clearly shows the lack of installer or file information but am I missing something like could there be some "hidden" file I'm not seeing?  C...

Pulling usage data for all oracle products

Hi there Im hoping to put together a consolidated report of all of our organisations installed Oracle software - in terms of what it is, where it is, and potentially, who uses it - there doesnt seem to be an easy way to do this - has anyone tried thi...


Does anyone know how long a device must be active to show up in the peak quarterly report.   Thanks!!