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Are these agents not starting automatically because of a known issue?

We are rolling out the version 20.2 of the agent throughout an environment and a couple of Suse servers are running into an issue where enabling the service doesn't work. Using the commands 'systemctl start ndtask' and 'systemctl start mgsusageag' function properly, but the command 'systemctl enable ndtask' doesn't work. Therefore the agent doesn't run automatically and a temporary workaround had to be put into place utilizing a script running on boot. 

Looking into the issue it seems similar to what I'm seeing here but I'm not sure if this is the same issue or a separate one that would require opening a ticket. Can anyone shed some light? Logs attached.

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

That issue was addressed in version 20.2 of the agent. As that is what you are using and still experiencing the issue, please open a support case.

What happens if you perform the workaround for the bug? Run 'sudo systemctl enable ndtask' and 'sudo systemctl enable mgsusageag' to enable the services and then try starting them.