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Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) inventory

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


We have an ongoing discission on how to inventory Azure Virtual Desktops (AVDs). I believe, there's an option to deploy the Flexera One inventory agent to the images. From what I understand, these sessions are "stateless", meaning each user gets a new one every time they connect.

I am not sure how Flexera One will handle such inventories. Worst case would be hundreds/thousands of sessions with new AgentIDs/serial numbers resulting in hundreds/thousands of inventories. Existing community threads also seem to advise to gather the applications from the original images and then apply whatever access system manages.

Has anyone successfully inventoried AVD and can share their experience?

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Hi all,

I also experience the same thing with Azure VDI - but when creating a new inventory record, the old one is ignored. Is that the correct behavior here? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

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Long Dinh

@mfranz / @longdinh 

I would encourage you to create an idea for the need for Flexera to support Azure VDI (similar to other supported VDI solutions) and share it here as it may get traction from other forum members.


Hi John,

I think, at this point, this is not about having FNMS support Azure VDI, because I believe it does - in the sense that you can deploy the agent.

From my perspective, this is about available current options, alternatives, how FNMS would behave in different scenarios, etc. I am really just assuming most of this right now, without hands-on experience.

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I do understand and appreciate that, but I think that especially "stateless" scenario does need a level of integration to be able to facilitate "scanning of the templates" plus through Azure "get hold of which users can access which templates" is required to avoid the symptoms I read between the lines above that you're finding when deploying an inventory agent to the "stateless" instances. (I haven't tested this either, just theoretically "thinking out loud"...)