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How does Flexera One coexist with Flexnet Manager Suite?

Hello,We are currently running FNMS On Premise in our environment and was looking into Flexera One. So far, as I understand, Flexera One is a tool mainly to visualize. So for example, IT Asset Management can be visualized in Flexera One. Now I am won...

bleepie by Level 6
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Solved! Importing Atlassian usage data into Flexera One

Hi all,Looking to get Atlassian usage data imported into Flexera One.  The data that is coming from Atlassian Cloud seems to only be when someone has last logged in, but doesn't take into account which Atlassian product is being used (e.g. Trello, Co...

sdbash by Level 5
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Flexera Beacon when VPN pairing

Hi,I have a question for Beacon Server.I want to use Flexera One (ITAM) on two different compartments with different VPNs on AWS. If so, do I need two Beacon servers? Or is one Beacon server enough with VPN pairing?

Mitsuki by Level 3
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Success with SaaS? We want to hear from you!

Hello Flexera One ITAM users! Have you had success managing your SaaS subscriptions in Flexera One? We're looking for a user to speak with us on an upcoming webinar regarding the challenges managing a Salesforce estate and how to effectively manage c...

hleachman by Level 3 Flexeran
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Solved! SaaS/SAM Integration in FlexeraOne

For Direct Connect SaaS Apps in FlexeraOne, we can't edit the license type or add any new licenses, so the only place we have to put anything additional is under Miscellaneous Fees. Things like # of server calls/mth = $xxxx, # of web views is another...

Solved! Zoom JWT app deprecation

Flexera uses JWT to pull data from our Zoom tenant. Per Zoom, they will be deprecating JWT in 2023. Does Flexera have plans/instructions for setting up an OAUTH integration?

tblock by Level 5
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SaaS Manager User Updates

1.  Added new user to Visio Plan 2 over 24 hours ago and still not showing up in user list in SaaS Manager for the Visio license. 2.  Reqeusted 3 users that were showing inactiive use for Visio Plan 2 to access the application over 24 hours ago; reco...