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Notification Capabilities for Beacon related errors

I faced an issue a couple of beacon servers where a network change caused SSL issues when attempting to upload inventory and download policies. The only way I figured this was looking at the System Tasks in Flexera One and noticed that the jobs had n...

Solved! FYI - Check any ITAM API Custom Reports for Error

FYI - If you are using the reportsExecute method via the FlexeraOne ITAM API, you may want to double check your scripts.I believe the upgrades or emergency maintenance from last week (personally I am in United States/North America flexeraOne) may hav...

User License Details Report - User Name Inquiry

Does anyone happen to know why the "User Name" value would be completely different from either the "Calculated User" or "Assigned User" in this report?i.eComputer ID - TESTDEVICE9921User Name - ABCD123Calculated User - EFGH345Assigned User - EFGH345

davidle by Level 7
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Solved! Purchases with their contracts report

Hi,I need a report showing the purchases and their contract. A report of the purchases and their contract(s) would also be useful. How can I do this? I don't find a related table showing the contract when creating a custom report.Thanks!

Solved! Sign In to M365 Domain vs Last Activity

Hi,Do you know why the date in the "Sign In to M365 Domain" column of the Microsoft 365 Users report might be different from the "Last Activity"?In Flexera's documentation I have read that "Sign In to M365 Domain" displays a timestamp for the last ti...

IT Visibility Granular Access Options

Hi - I am wondering if I can give access strictly for a specific dashboard in IT Visibility to a stakeholder. I understand that the IT Visibility roles are listed here. And assuming View IT visibility is the bare minimum - e.g. they can see the dashb...