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SaaS Manager User Updates

1.  Added new user to Visio Plan 2 over 24 hours ago and still not showing up in user list in SaaS Manager for the Visio license. 2.  Reqeusted 3 users that were showing inactiive use for Visio Plan 2 to access the application over 24 hours ago; reco...

Maintenance SKU's Help

When creating license records, vendors will supply Maintenance SKU’s which are not useful when creating licenses. Since I do not have historical data available to determine original Software SKU, what do you do? I am concerned the license properties ...

jbursch1 by Level 3 Flexeran
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Solved! Custom Report question

I am trying to create a custom report that combines fields from the  contract, responsibility and license modules. If I enter contract fields and responsibility fields, I do not have any option to bring in the license fields. Can you help? I have pla...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Linked asset to discovered device

Reporting in flexnet is limited and is not meeting my needs for some reports.  as such I'm having to write SQL reports for Power BI or Tableau.  So one report I'm working on is having to show the link between the Asset name and its discovered device ...

Identifying changes to license consumption

Is there a way to be notified or easily identify if any additional devices begin to consume entitlements from a license?If a license has thousands of devices consuming entitlements from it, I am finding it challenging trying to identify what are the ...

reevejw by Level 3
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