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Solved! Optima BillingCenter allocation based on Azure ResourceGroups

Hi Flexera product team,as already requested via Support / Enhancement Request in the past we increasingly see demand for ResourceGroup level access to BillingCenters for larger teams we have in our corporate where internal customers are using platfo...

Optima API - Get Billing Center ID and name

Is it possible to get a list of all billing center ID's and names to be returned in json. I haven't been successful in combing through the documentation. The goal is to pull the list of unique ID's and names and map that to our internal records.  Tha...

Solved! Optima Billing Center API

I would like to connect to the Optima API to pull billing center time series data for spend by service. Unfortunately I am not able to find documentation to support that. Has anyone had success with this and might be able to point me in the right dir...