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Flexera IAM Management via API

I have been tasked by my organization to integrate Flexera One with an Identity Access Management system. I've been looking through the website and can't seem to find an api that can add a user to flexera one. I only see the abi...

How duplicate can get created in inventory?

If serial number are different then it will create duplicate inventory so is there any other criterial also?What are the reason where it will create duplicate record?What are the merging criteria for a record?

atique by Level 4
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Upload inventories directly to FlexeraOne

Hi community,I just wanted to share that I've found a way to upload inventories gathered by the FlexNet Agent directly to FlexeraOne without the need of going through a beacon server.Use case:Some customers might have issues with inventorying remote ...

ELI5 - Deploying Flex Agent via Intune

Hi everyone, I know this is a really basic thing, but we're unable to get the Flexera Agent deploying via Intune.Does anyone have any step by step guide on packaging the Flexera agent, configuring the bootstrap and CMD/batch file text to use?Again, i...

Setting up Flexera one from Scratch.

Hi there, I am in the process of setting up Flexera one from scratch. Needless to say I am bashing my head against the wall here. I've been following the guides onilne, but frankly they aren't giving me the same outcome as shown on video and in docum...

Windows Server DC - Manually Allocated

Hi,I have VMWare hosts, that do not have VM with Windows Server Datacenter installed, so FlexeraOne does not automatically assign DC licenses even though there are several VMs. When I manually allocate a DC license it consumes just one license, it do...

JamesPH by Level 2
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