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Notification Capabilities for Beacon related errors

I faced an issue a couple of beacon servers where a network change caused SSL issues when attempting to upload inventory and download policies. The only way I figured this was looking at the System Tasks in Flexera One and noticed that the jobs had n...

Flexera Beacon when VPN pairing

Hi,I have a question for Beacon Server.I want to use Flexera One (ITAM) on two different compartments with different VPNs on AWS. If so, do I need two Beacon servers? Or is one Beacon server enough with VPN pairing?

Mitsuki by Level 3
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IT Asset Management and ITV Beacon Precedence ?

I have both Beacons deployed in my environment , IT Asset Management and ITV as well, I have recently installed Flexera Windows Inventory agent on 2 VM's  . Log suggests that its appends to the IT asset management beacon ,In mgssetup ini file I have ...

Beacon Server with 2 IPs

My Flexera One beacon server is running in our services space. The needed ports have been open and are working, but when I install the FNMS agent it doesn't see the host name because when you ping the beacon server host name it return the primary IP ...

FrediG by Level 4
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Upload inventories directly to FlexeraOne

Hi community,I just wanted to share that I've found a way to upload inventories gathered by the FlexNet Agent directly to FlexeraOne without the need of going through a beacon server.Use case:Some customers might have issues with inventorying remote ...

Upload Inventory to FlexeraOne without using a Beacon

Hi,just wanted to ask if someone ever tried to upload .ndi files directly to FlexeraOne without using a beacon?So basically something like this:FlexNet Agent generates inventory -> ndupload.exe uploads generated .ndi file to https://data.flexnetmanag...

Solved! Data transmission from SaaS

Hi Flexera One Community. I'm new Flexeran from IBM. I have a question.Does FlexeraOne communicate from SaaS (IT Asset Management Cloud) to Beacon, Agent?   Best Regards, Mitsuki OHAMA

Mitsuki by Level 3
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