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Track Adobe products usage

Hi thereWe have the following Adobe applications licensed.Acrobat Standard DCAcrobat ProCREATIVE_CLOUD_ALL_APPS_-_PRO_EDITIONPhotoshop - Pro EditionWe need to be able to track usage of these application. How do we do that in Flexera One?Regards

Solved! ITAM Agent upgrade issues on RHEL 9

We are using FlexeraOne ITAM application. We do not allow the automated upgrade of Flexera agents, instead doing the upgrades using our own tools.  For linux, we have been using ansible tower with great success.  However, we ran into a snag updating ...

Adobe Acrobat 1

I've got a client where I'm seeing the following within the inventory data:Product:Acrobat Publisher:Adobe Version:1 Edition:Unspecified Name:Acrobat 1 Source:Flexera Flexera ID:arl://MGS-APP-00000178720This doesn't indicate much about what's actuall...

JamesPH by Level 2
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Windows Server DC - Manually Allocated

Hi,I have VMWare hosts, that do not have VM with Windows Server Datacenter installed, so FlexeraOne does not automatically assign DC licenses even though there are several VMs. When I manually allocate a DC license it consumes just one license, it do...

JamesPH by Level 2
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Best Practices for Managing Contracts in Flexera One

Looking for feedback on best practices when managing contracts from FlexeraOne. What is the recommendation for managing “Global Amount”  in the Master Contract where you have a several sub-contracts/amendments that are tied to a Master ID for multipl...

jbursch1 by Level 3 Flexeran
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Oracle Java file evidence - not sure if it is accurate

Hi I'm running through some reports following a clean-up of Oracle Java, i noticed a device evidences showin two differing results from agents Altiris and Flexera, which are installed on this server.The Java was removed, but the Evidence still showin...

cartejam by Level 5
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Solved! .XML file type not shown in file evidence

Hello! I was asked about why a certain file of type .xml which has been verified to exist on the device was not being shown under the file evidence for a Linux device while many other files from that file path were being shown.  I checked a couple mo...

Flexera Unrecognized Evidence SKU Questions

Are you able to provide some insight for our team as to how FlexeraOne treats license records, where we manually populate unrecognized SKUs in a license records? Meaning; once a SKU is added to the knowledgebase, will those SKUs reconcile and update ...

jbursch1 by Level 3 Flexeran
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