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Flexera Custom Tables in ServiceNow

In what Flexera custom ServiceNow table can I find lifecycle dates for installed software? For example General Availability, End of Life, End of Sale, and End of Support. In our environment ServiceNow is performing discovery. Flexera is referencing i...

RCelona by Level 2
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Oracle SKUs with maintenance

I'm using the attached spreadsheet to import Oracle SKUs into Flexera however many of them do not have maintenance included - they just state perpetual rather than perpetual with maintenance which is what I need.Are these SKUs available?Thanks.

What is the use of API Methods - Files ( filesShow)

Hi, I am checking if there is anyway to download the logfiles from the Systemtasks API. when checking i come across the API Method Files ( filesShow). Could someone please tell me what is the use of the API Methods - Files ( filesShow) ? Is it someth...

Reporting Performance issues

Is anyone experiencing performance issues with reporting? I am trying to just get the the preview and filter screen and it's a challenge alone. Thanks, Don

dondoan by Level 3
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Last used Date is missing

Hi Forum,I have observed that there are few devices that are missing last used date  for few applications for example  Microsoft 365 16.0 Apps for enterprise.but as per the user confirmation that we have got that they were using applications  in thei...

ReshmaB by Level 6
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Solved Unable to configure beacon in flexera one

Hi Team,I am unable to configure beacon in flexera one.The prerequisites all done, i have checked. The client is using proxy.Attached are the screenshot for your reference.Someone suggest me to add checkcertificate servercertification in registry edi...

Rahul08 by Level 5
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