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Solved! Importing Atlassian usage data into Flexera One

Hi all,Looking to get Atlassian usage data imported into Flexera One.  The data that is coming from Atlassian Cloud seems to only be when someone has last logged in, but doesn't take into account which Atlassian product is being used (e.g. Trello, Co...

sdbash by Level 5
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Solved! IBM Server licenses with computers allocating

I have several IBM licenses that are server licenses but because a computer has the program installed, computers show in that license. I have to constantly go in and exclude those licenses. Is there an easier way? I would like to clean up the license...

IBM Pvu licensing assigning wrong product

We have a product that has a production and non-production version.   Last quarter  we allocated the machines to the correct licenses and reporting worked fine.  This month all the licenses went to non-production even though the machines are unalloca...

User License Type - Changing Consumption via Adapter

Hello,I have an Oracle Java license which I am running tests on via the adapter in the test environment.  I am able to manipulate other fields but I am having trouble getting the 'consumed' field to go from 0->1 and vice versa in the license consumpt...