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Flexera One Auto deployment of Kubernetes

Dear Flexera One product Manager Right now, more and more clients use Kubernetes to support their FinTech application on Public cloud, such as GCP. How could Flexera One Cloud Management platform provision Kubernetes Container template to Public Clou...

Solved One time upload from CMDB of specific fields.

I am trying to upload CMDB data from specific rows on an excel sheet. what template should I use from the provided zip file? I am trying to upload Environment ( Prod/Test/Dev)Location (Where server is located)Managed by (Support team)Owned by (Owner ...

Solved Users not marked as inactive

We use business adapter to import users in Flexera One. But the source we have has only list of active users, due to which old users are not getting its status changed to inactive. Is there a way to get old user to inactive

Solved Adding Tags to Managed SaaS Applications

This is probably a simple task but I cant seem to find documentation on it. Adding multiple instances and tenants on the SaaS adaptor. One of the options when adding the tenant or instance is to add a tag. No idea or option on where to create and add...

Solved Question on Beacon connectivity to FlexeraOne

Hi All,Have 1 basic question. Once we install the beacon, by default IIS will be on port 80. If we want to convert to 443 and also if certificate has to be used then can i know the process of it? if it the TLS config or something else.

Solved Adobe Last Activitity Status = NEVER SaaS Manager

Hello, Trying to understand why ALL users in SaaS Applications/Managed SaaS Applications/Creative Cloud show last activity:  Never FOR ALL USERS.      I find this to be impossible as we have over 5K active users in the portal.  I would expect activit...