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User License Consumption

I am looking for some best practices for User licenses, especially is a large Healthcare environment. Currently our consumption is showing a user license for the user, any tech that logs in to resolve a problem for a user, on a shared device anyone t...

Solved ITAM Agent upgrade issues on RHEL 9

We are using FlexeraOne ITAM application. We do not allow the automated upgrade of Flexera agents, instead doing the upgrades using our own tools.  For linux, we have been using ansible tower with great success.  However, we ran into a snag updating ...

Solved Part NO./SKU Unrecognized

Hey all, I've been adding in the Part NO./SKU numbers to purchase properties. But whenever I add them I get an Unrecognized error message as shown below.Not sure why I am getting that Error message, any help would be awesome. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 110645.png

Solved Changes in PVU per Core Values

I've observed some increases in consumption of several IBM PVU licenses that I have set up. The root cause from what I can tell is an increase in the PVU per Core value for several VM Hosts (either from 70 to 100, or 100 to 120). From what I can tell...