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Flexera One disappearing reports

Having issues with Flexera One saved reports - 

Building a repository of reports for reconciliation for multiple products, and given that the requirements are metric specific it's quite a straightforward process to use the same template to create each report. The problem is that every time I create a new report, an old one disappears.....

Anyone seen anything similar?

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By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out on the Community!
In order to try and reproduce this issue, can you outline the steps for me?
You mention that you're working off a template, saving the report, then a previous unrelated report is being removed, correct?
Is this in Production or UAT?
When Saving your new Report, do you use Save or Save As?

Best regards,

Hi Jack

Thanks for the reply.

So the steps are (I've used the same method before many times)-

Open existing report (checking deployment so device ID, user ID, user email, location, whether product is in use. Change key fields (usually publisher and application name, to switch focus to a different product, then save as to same folder (these are month-by-month pre-renewal reconciliations). New report then saves and wipes the one I've based it on.

I've found a workround which is holding at the moment - do as above, then save to a different folder, then  reopen and "save as" to the target folder. For some weird reason that works.


Forgot to add -

At the "save as" stage I am renaming the report and changing description as well.



I quickly tested your described use case above, but I wasn't able to reproduce your findings for either private or public reports using ' Save As' from an existing report: