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Solved Howdoes Flexera manage computers that no longer exist?

Hi There,I am trying to ascertain how Flexera manages inventoried computers that no longer exist. As as example. we have a large number of VM Hosts in Flexera that have been disposed of a long time ago. Flexera obtained the initial inventory via a co...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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Finding Cause of Error

Agents are getting failed to communicate and the majority of them are getting the below message, please suggest a solution  Error 0xE0500193: 403 ForbiddenError 0xE0500452: Failed to write remote fileError 0xE069009A: Error transferring data (Network...

Creating Dashboards in FlexeraOne

My company recently migrated to FlexeraOne and we are looking to create a simple interactive dashboard in the dashboard section.  We would like to create a dashboard that allows a user to select a license from a dropdown list and view the compliance ...

IBM PVU Out-of-Date Inventory

I believe we have figured out the answer to most of our questions, but I would like for someone familar with the IBM PVU Out of Date Inventory report to verify.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Checked out the help menu https://docs.fle...

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shill2 by Level 6
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Solved account creation for flexera community

HI,I created the Flexera community account some days back, so while creating an account there is one field "Account ID", so at first, I did not enter that field and directly created the account, now after some days I am told to create the account wit...