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Solved Question on Beacon connectivity to FlexeraOne

Hi All,Have 1 basic question. Once we install the beacon, by default IIS will be on port 80. If we want to convert to 443 and also if certificate has to be used then can i know the process of it? if it the TLS config or something else.

Solved Adobe Last Activitity Status = NEVER SaaS Manager

Hello, Trying to understand why ALL users in SaaS Applications/Managed SaaS Applications/Creative Cloud show last activity:  Never FOR ALL USERS.      I find this to be impossible as we have over 5K active users in the portal.  I would expect activit...

Bulk uploads

Is there a way to do bulk upload of assets in Flex?  Also, is there a way to look up multiple assets at once?

SAAS Manager - O365 Credentials

Working in SAAS Manager with O365 License.  The ability "Manage Availble Licenses" does not seem to function as expected and I have spent hours today trying to review Microsoft.  Has anyone else had this problem?  I remove the licenses and the never ...

Solved API for SAP Success Factors (Employee Central)

We are moving from PeopleSoft to SAP Success Factors (Employee Central) and will need to switch our Employee Information import adapter from PeopleSoft to SAP Success Factors. We have been using a flat xml file exported from PeopleSoft and then impor...

Solved FNMS Process

Hi, To ensure an intact connection between FIA and Flexera Beacon , I was thinking if there's any FNMS process (i.e. mgspolicy.exe, ndtrack.exe) you would recommend that I can deploy and be added to the scheduled tasks of each client and server that ...

Support Ticket

Hello Team, How can I open a support ticket to get help on fixing older version of SQL server native client on beacon servers.