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Solved Part NO./SKU Unrecognized

Hey all, I've been adding in the Part NO./SKU numbers to purchase properties. But whenever I add them I get an Unrecognized error message as shown below.Not sure why I am getting that Error message, any help would be awesome. 

Screenshot 2023-03-09 110645.png

Solved Changes in PVU per Core Values

I've observed some increases in consumption of several IBM PVU licenses that I have set up. The root cause from what I can tell is an increase in the PVU per Core value for several VM Hosts (either from 70 to 100, or 100 to 120). From what I can tell...

Solved Flexera One License

Where can I view info about our actual license with Flexera. There used to be an option to see how many servers and how many workstations were licensed. I can't find this info any longer. Did it go away or have I forgotten how to access this? I us...

ServiceNow Integration with IT Visibility - HALP!!

Questions for anyone in the community that has experience with integrating IT Visibility/ServiceNow: 1. Does the Export Definitions determine what data is exported into IT Visibility when it is enabled? 2. Is a MID Server required for enabling the IT...

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