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Solved Flexera One License

Where can I view info about our actual license with Flexera. There used to be an option to see how many servers and how many workstations were licensed. I can't find this info any longer. Did it go away or have I forgotten how to access this? I us...

ServiceNow Integration with IT Visibility - HALP!!

Questions for anyone in the community that has experience with integrating IT Visibility/ServiceNow: 1. Does the Export Definitions determine what data is exported into IT Visibility when it is enabled? 2. Is a MID Server required for enabling the IT...

davidle by Level 7
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Solved Setting up Visual Studio Licenses in Flexera

What is the correct way to  link a Visual Studio App to a Visual Studio license in Flexera. For example, ours was set up for us. Under applications, Visual studio components show the usage, not the commercial Visual Studio license. This is deceiving ...

Server licence and client installs

I have several products in Flexera that are licenced per server however, client installations are not licensable. Other than exempting the client installs which could possibly be hundreds of devices, how can I make sure consumption is reflected corre...

Licence consumption order

Within the Application properties tab, the order of licences consumed is shown under "Licences".How does Flexera decide which licence should be consumed first and how can this be changed? When I've tried to remove old licences and change the order, I...

Solved SQL Server Installations

Hello all,I've just noticed today that we have a large amount of SQL Server 2016 and 2019 installs appear in Flexera. There is no edition identified, and both applications have the overlapping evidence flag. We are using the Flexera agent to gather i...

RWG2022 by Level 7
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