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Beacon Server with 2 IPs

My Flexera One beacon server is running in our services space. The needed ports have been open and are working, but when I install the FNMS agent it doesn't see the host name because when you ping the beacon server host name it return the primary IP and not the services IP. How can I force the agent to rather connect to the beacon server via the service IP and not using the host name. And also how would this work for Auto Adoption. 

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If you have tried to install agent then please share logs if possible.

You can change hostname to IP address in setup file which will started the agent to use IP instead of hostname with FQDN.


One thing to be aware of if the configuration is set up to use a hard-coded IP address is that this can be a fragile configuration: if (when) the IP address the agent needs to use for connecting to the beacon in the changes in the future, you will need to find a way to modify the configuration of the agents on all your computers.

A better approach may be to configure a DNS entry for a beacon FQDN that maps to the service IP address (e.g. ->, and configure agents to use that FQDN (including using the guidance in the article that @atique has linked to above). Then when the IP address changes in the future, the DNS configuration can be updated without having to make changes on every client computer.

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for the feedback. I've made some changes on the beacon server which result in the agent to communicate on the IP. Unfortunately there is no DNS in the environment. My only problem now is with auto deployment of the agent on the target servers. The agent can communicate on the IP, but the share on the beacon where the agent software reside still use the host name which result in the target server not able to install the agent software. Is there a way around this


Did you follow the guidance provided in How to configure the beacon to use a different name or alias than its host name when changing the beacon configuration to have the agent - beacon communication via the IP-address?