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FNMS integration issue

Dear Team, is there any possible to integrate below tools with FNMS Beacon.  HPE : infosight oneviewIBM:Spectrum NW:riverbed, whatsup SIEM: SplunkNETAPP:AIUM (Active IQ Unified Manager)EMC:SRM (Storage Resource Manager)DELL: OME   Thanks, Sreerama Ye...

Solved Inventory Devices with a Serial Number of "None"

Hello Everyone, I am looking for any suggestions on how to maybe resolve a current challenge that I am seeing with about 50 or so Inventory Devices which are identified as "Computer" as the Inventory Device Type but are showing a Serial number of "No...

Adobe application usage

Hi, We've been working on reducing the number of Adobe licenses by removing the users, who have not used it for over 90 days.Does anyone know how it works when a version is updated?for instance Photoshop is changing file versions even on the same mai...

Solved Can Flexnet Beacons stay offline periodically?

Hi Flexera team,I'd like to inquire can Flexera Beacons be used in an environment where connections to SaaS is restricted to a limited time frame? I'm specifically referring to a scenario where the network that the Beacon resides is basically a close...

JoanTSW by Level 4
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Solved Reconciliation Failures

Is anyone else experiencing nightly Reconciliation failures? Our nightly reconciliations have errored out with a "Failed to reconcile licenses with error message Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation." message. Last successful reco...

Solved ITV Private Catalog

Hi,Do we have Private Catalog feature for ITV as we have in BDNA ? If yes, how GAP Fill process works for ITV? If information available please point me to the correct documentation? Thanks,Ajinkya!

Solved RHEL for Virtual Datacenters Points rule set

Greetings!The attached RHEL custom points table is a puzzle to me, anyone understand how the number works?It seems that when you set a RHEL license to license type Processor Points and set Points rule to RHEL for Virtual Datacenters, this is the rule...

Flexera One disappearing reports

Having issues with Flexera One saved reports -  Building a repository of reports for reconciliation for multiple products, and given that the requirements are metric specific it's quite a straightforward process to use the same template to create eac...

Solved Zoom JWT app deprecation

Flexera uses JWT to pull data from our Zoom tenant. Per Zoom, they will be deprecating JWT in 2023. Does Flexera have plans/instructions for setting up an OAUTH integration?