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Query on credential for Agent install for adoption

Hi All,I have 2 queries:1. Does Flexera support the usage for GMS service account? in this link it talks about a feature request but doesnt look like its still made available. Solved: Using gMSA account for the FNMS service sccount - Community (flexe...

Solved Want to add additional filters on Cloud Dashboard

Hi Team, I am new to flexera and am trying to explore the Cloud Dashboard to get the cost reports of Azure Resources. On the Cloud Dashboard, I see a set of filters, on setting which I could get the exportable data set with the columns from the selec...

Flexera Filters.png

Solved Saas Manager - M365 Last Activity Date clarification

Hello Saas Manager experts May I please confirm the "Last Activity Date" whether it is only returned if the user has any login activity to the specific applications (Dynamic365/Email/Teams/OneDrive..../Yammer) ?  In other words, if the user just logi...

Big_Kev by Level 7 Champion
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ITAM Logging Users Out

Anyone have issues with Flexera One/ITAM logging you out in the middle of actively working?  This is happening across the board with all analysts.  If ayone has a solution please share.

Solved Custom Report question

I am trying to create a custom report that combines fields from the  contract, responsibility and license modules. If I enter contract fields and responsibility fields, I do not have any option to bring in the license fields. Can you help? I have pla...

mdh7768 by Level 5
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Office Suite - Usage of Different Products

Hello! I have had a question posed to me that has never been asked before and I have no idea how to answer it.  A product ownere wants to know if we can provide any type of reporting for Office that would show if/when someone used each of the compone...

Flexera One Auto deployment of Kubernetes

Dear Flexera One product Manager Right now, more and more clients use Kubernetes to support their FinTech application on Public cloud, such as GCP. How could Flexera One Cloud Management platform provision Kubernetes Container template to Public Clou...