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Solved M365 Connection failure.

HiCan anyone tell me why my M365 connection is failing to generate token & subsequently no data is getting imported.Getting below error:"Inventory gathering failed. Error: The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request"The account which we ha...

Solved Flexera One SaaS Import Job API capabilities

Hi,I want to know the capabilities of SaaS Import Job API provided by Flexera One. Can I leverage this to integrate SAP Ariba, AdobeSign, Cold fusion, JetBrains, etc. Can someone share any KBs if you have more information on this. Thanks.

O365 data in the tool

Hi All, Just wanted to know where can I see the usage of microsoft teams in the the tool. I have used the default connect to connect to the Microsoft 365. Regards, bhishek A Reg

Solved Error when trying to populate the Flexera One user corporate unit field by importing the active directory department value via business adapter

My goal is to create a business adapter to import the Department field from Active Directory into the Corporate Unit field in Flexera One user properties, in order to associate users with a corporate unit. First, I imported the department names into ...

Solved SAP test connection failed with message "An unexpected error occured when trying to test the connection.Check the beacon engine logs for more details."

Hi Forum,Recently I observed that SAP connection that we have created is failing when we tried to do test connection with error message.An unexpected error occured when trying to test the connection.Check the beacon engine logs for more details.By la...

ReshmaB by Level 6
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Is there any way to find what are the list of software which are partially removed or removed (inappropriately) and the Windows registry key still remains in the system

we identified that we have two installer evidence sources being brought into Flexera One.We have one from the Agent and another from SCCM. The agent is bringing in MSI data (MSI — evidence left in the registry by Microsoft Installer on Windows.) and ...

bvikas by Level 2
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VMs missing hosts and licenses not showing consumption

I have discovered that there isn't a connection to the Vcenter. As a result there isn't any host information and missing consumption information. I am working on getting a connection established. I have been asked to explain the need for the connecti...