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API method to Extract details from Unsanctioned SaaS Applications


Is there an API method to extract details from Unsanctioned SaaS Applications?

We are looking for a way to get the detailed transaction when we are clicking the magnifying glass. The report is great but our vendor management is asking for more details.

Thank you so much.


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You should be able to use the following endpoint:


Where APIRoot will be one of:
* Europe:
* US:

You will need to know your OrgID and the ID of the expense from the unsanctioned list.

It might be easiest to use Developer Tools in your browser and do a Network trace, then filter for API in the results and look for the Request URL in the header - that should give you any API's that are run on your journey through the UI, including the exact ID's of the record you're drilling into.


Hi - we are currently looking to run discovery around our expenses processing capabilities so, it would be good to understand what the gaps are that you are looking to fill by using this method.