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Import License Keys into Flexera One Under Licenses

Hi Team, I had imported bulk license keys into Flexera One when creating the license. however i am not able to view the licenses I had imported under consumption tab. please let me know how we can view these license keys imported ?

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By Technical Writer
Technical Writer

You may need to add the column to the Consumption grid but there should be an option for License Keys which is a drop-down to add or apply a license key. This assumes that the rule selected on the Identification tab of the license is One (multi-install) key per installation or One (single-install) key per installation:

thanks for response my question we cannot view the license key prior to doing the installation or just for reference purpose for service desk folks..

The license key feature is just for note-taking purposes. If you have already entered what keys are available, you can use the drop-down on the consumption tab to see what values have been added.